Write your dissertation acknowledgments in 10 minutes!

If you're in a rush, break down the acknowledgments section into 3 main paragraphs. Try and answer the questions (in bullet points) under each paragraph. We have suggested the proportion of words to be written for each paragraph. Having examined hundreds of theses at the undergraduate and master's level, we find that the word count for an acknowledgments section is typically between 100-200 words. However, if your university has given you a suggested word count, use that.

Paragraph 1

The journey: Its challenges and how you overcame them
(20-30% of the total word count)

Paragraph 2

Showing thanks: People and/or organizations that helped
(70-80% of the total word count)

Paragraph 3

Making announcements
(0-10% of the total word count)

If you find that you have more time to spend on your Acknowledgements section, you can access our more comprehensive guide here.

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