ROUTE #1: Getting Started
ROUTE #1: Chapter-by-Chapter


Choosing your route

When carrying out a replication-based dissertation, the route that you choose (i.e., Route A: Duplication, Route B: Generalisation or Route C: Extension) will have a major impact on the way that you assess the main journal article you are interested in, and ultimately, whether you (a) can use this journal article or (b) have to find another journal article. In order to assess whether the journal article you are interested in is suitable, you need to (a) get to grips with the characteristics of the three routes, and (b) think about which of the routes it is possible for you to pursue, based on the characteristics of the main journal article, before (c) selecting a particular route to follow. In this article, we help you with these three steps, as well as some of the broader considerations when it comes to thinking about how to choose a route (i.e., balancing personal interests and academic justifications, as well as taking into account possible deal breakers).

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