ROUTE #1: Getting Started
ROUTE #1: Chapter-by-Chapter


Broader considerations

There are a number of broader considerations that you need to take into account during the data analysis process: (a) the need to focus on analysis that answers your immediate research hypotheses; (b) the opportunity to dig deeper into your data; (c) how the main journal article can help you make decisions about your statistical analysis; (d) the need to defend your statistical choices; (e) how far you should take your analysis; and (f) potential problems you may face, and ways to deal with these problems. Each of these considerations is discussed in turn:


Start your data analysis

When you are ready to start analysing your data, you will need to access the Data Analysis section of Lærd Dissertation. Just as a word of warning, the Data Analysis section and the writing up of such analysis in the Results chapter are the only two parts of Lærd Dissertation that are not free to access, but we have kept the prices very student friendly. To learn more, Take the Tour; alternately, move on to STAGE TEN: Write up.

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